Not many people realise this but the INTERNET was the invention of a British man by the name of Berners lee.

    • Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee, OM, KBE, FRS, FREng, FRSA, DFBCS, also known as “TimBL”,
    • Born: June 8, 1955 (age 58), London
    • Nationality: British
    • Books: Weaving the Web: The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by its Inventor
    • Parents: Mary Lee Woods, Conway Berners-Lee
    • Awards: MacArthur Fellowship, Marconi Prize, Charles Stark Draper Prize, Mountbatten Medal, President’s Medal
    • Education: The Queen’s College, Oxford (1973–1976), Emanuel School (1969–1973)


    I sometimes think our American counterparts would love to have you believe otherwise but that is a debate for another day I guess. Feel free to comment 🙂

    UK INTERNET INVENTORIn 1980, while working at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva, he first described the concept of a global system, based on the concept of ‘hypertext’, that would allow researchers anywhere to share information. This led to the prototype called ‘Enquire’.

    In the 80’s, Berners Lee’s returned to CERN, which was also home to a major European Internet node. In 1989, Berners Lee published a paper called ‘Information Management: A Proposal’ in which he merged hypertext with the Internet, to create a system for sharing and distributing information not just within a company, but globally. He named it the World Wide Web.

    He also created the first web browser and editor. The world’s first website,, was launched on 6 August 1991. It explained the World Wide Web concept and gave users an introduction to getting started with their own websites.

    In 1994, Berners Lee founded the World Wide Web Consortium at the Laboratory of Computer Science (LCS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. He has become director of the consortium since then. He also works as a senior research scientist at LCS which has now become the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

    Tim’s dream came true and a UK innovator has changed the world more than anything that has come before it!



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    wow i didnt know that!! pretty sweet

    Britain has invented many important things throughout the ages. Its just not very good at marketing and letting it be known.

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