SMS Marketing

    SMS Messages form a great part of effective communication

    With average open rates of over 90%, you can’t afford to ignore the power of SMS messaging. SMS is also one of only two mobile channels (the other one is mobile wallet) that allow you to message users directly without an app. Start creating deeper connections with customers on SMS today.

    Deliver More Personal & Contextual SMS Messages

    There’s a big opportunity to connect with customers using SMS — but because it’s also a channel your customers use to message friends and family, it’s critical to get SMS messages right.

    SMS marketing can be incredibly effective – but there’s more to it than just sending texts, from handling responses to personalising messages. So how do you choose the right SMS provider? Look no further

    Businesses are increasingly turning to SMS as a simple and cost-effective marketing tool to boost their awareness, customer service and importantly, revenues. Whether it’s an ecommerce business updating customers on the status of their order, a hotel confirming reservations or even a veterinary clinic reminding customers of their pooch’s annual vaccine, the technology is quite simple and familiar too – after all, we’ve been using text messages for years.