Cloud Based Software

    Software that was traditionally installed on a user’s machine is now commonly delivered via a web browser. This web application revolution has huge advantages for both end users, wanting to be device independent and software vendors, wanting to provide the latest tools and services. You only have to look at Microsoft Office or Sage accounting software to see just how much the management and delivery of software is changing.



    With mobile becoming the dominant platform for web users, creating applications that work across multi devices is becoming the Holy Grail for web application developers. Removing the need for a user to install software directly onto their PCs allows access to the latest revisions, functionality and security updates. Many web applications now come with built in backups or cloud storage. This centralised data approach allows the user to work from anywhere a browser and internet connection is available (and in some cases working happily offline, where no internet connection is available). No more carrying around hard drives and software CD ROMS.