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Our main location is based here in Langley Village, just slightly outside of Slough / Windsor. A clean residential area with a light and friendly atmosphere so come visit us for a no obligation informal chat over tea and biscuits!! This arrangement is especially suited for small businesses and startups, individuals and more. Our existing clients seem to love this arrangement but if you require a more conservative setting you can book our virtual office based in Knightbridge.




We provide an excellent service at affordable prices


We like to communicate in ‘laymen’ terms with our clients..


We design our websites with built SEO and fast loading pages


Stuffed Box!

First impressions count

  • Visitors to your site will form an opinion of your company within seconds, based on the visual appearance and opening content of your site.
  • Assuming your design appeals to them and the opening content matches what they are looking for, they will stay on your site and look for further information.
  • You only have the next few minutes to convince them that you can give them what they want and that you’ll do it better than the other web sites that also appeared in the search results.

Your web site’s design should drive visitors to take the actions that you want.

  • tumblr_inline_mypaqz0PLr1qj96ceWeb site design affects the way that visitors interact with your site. Whether you want to sell your products online, generate leads or simply improve your brand image, your web site design is vital to this process.
  • A good web site will have good navigation allowing visitors to find their way around easily but great web site will pro-actively encourage a visitor to convert to a customer.


.Comfort Zone

  • Online consumers will only purchase from a company that they feel comfortable with. Even if your web site offers the cheapest deal, if you don’t make a visitor feel comfortable, they won’t buy from you.
  • Hitting your visitors’ comfort zone is achieved with a combination of good design, giving the right message in your content and making sure you answer any questions of doubt they may have.
  • Ticking all these mental boxes will prepare your visitor to take the next step that you want.


Drive them to action

Throughout your web site you should have a call to action;. “Click here to buy”, “Call us now”, etc. It should be clear and simple for your visitor to place an order – this can often be achieved in the design of the site. Web design should take visitors on a journey through your site, ticking mental boxes as they go, and delivering them to the point of action that you want.


Web Design Consultancy

Director/Web Master Steve Clottey has over a decade of Marketing experience and knows exactly how to structure your web site to maximise your on-site conversion rate. With our expert advice you can increase your visitors’ comfort level, improve your online brand image, increase conversion rates and significantly improve your bottom line profit. If online marketing is primal focus we have dedicated services in this area


We can help you if you are:

  • setting up a new web site
  • changing your web site
  • trying to increase sales on your site
  • trying to improve your brand image


What are your T&C’s
A full detailed breakdown of our terms and conditions can be found here
What are our payment terms?
It’s easy, the first payment of 50% as a retainer at the beginning of each project. The balance is then paid within 7 days of project completion.
How do you calculate charges
The typical rate is £35 per man-hour. The average basic website based on a chosen design takes around 10 hours thus = £350 plus additional costs such as hosting/domain etc. The time taken may vary depending on how many features and changes is required by the client. If you would like to see an example of a project completed within 10 man-hours click here
Can you use templates?
Yes we can. In fact for budget controlled project we advise you to adopt this process as it does cuts out 70-80% of time in most cases thus reducing costs charged per hourly rate.
Do you provide domain and host
We can purchase on your behalf via a third party service provider or you can supply your own.
Can I do my own updates?
We build on a variety of Content Management Systems including wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. This way you can update basic functions such as changing text, images and adding media. Accessibility will depend on the design and framework.
Do you provide aftercare support?
Maintenance of your website is carried out at our normal rate of £35 per hour. This is mandatory but exceptions do apply at times
Can you visit us?
n most situations we can visit depending on your location. The first consultation visit is always free but subsequent visits are chargeable unless otherwise agreed beforehand.
Do you really provide tea and biscuits?
Oh yeaah! Quite partial to marylands… bring us a packet and you may even get a discount 😉

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